Updated Feb. 3 at 12:54 p.m.

Williamson County officials have made note of some of the technical issues the center has faced.

County Public Affair Manager Connie Odom said the center has approximately ten people answering the hotline, but the call volume at times has exceeded the number of call takers. She encourages people to keep trying and call back.

"Most of the calls are from people checking if their name is on the waitlist," she said. "We can help them with this information, but each call takes several minutes."

Original post

Williamson County announced Feb. 1 that it has set up a call center to answer any resident questions regarding county's COVID-19 vaccine distribution, including whether callers are on the county's vaccine waitlist.

The center, which can be reached at 512-943-1600, will be open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Center operators can assist individuals with various information, such as how to sign up for the Family Hospital Systems vaccine waitlist by walking them through the process over the phone; confirm that someone is on the waitlist; give information about the county’s vaccine plan; and share details on the county’s vaccine registration technical assistance sites, it said.

However, call center representatives cannot issue COVID-19 vaccine appointment confirmations, check where someone is on the FHS waitlist or give any medical advice.

The first VRTA site is located at the Sun City Social Center ballroom at 2 Texas Drive, Georgetown. This site is only for people who received an email from FHS stating they are next in line to receive a vaccination appointment and who need technical assistance filling out their registration paperwork, it said.

For more information on the County’s COVID-19 response and information on other frequently asked questions, visit www.wilco.org/coronavirus.