With all the confusion surrounding vaccinations in Williamson County, here are some keys things you need to know.

As vaccine distribution information changes rapidly, below is as of Jan. 28.

Where are vaccines being distributed?

There are several vaccine providers in Williamson County, but not every provider is offering inoculations to the public nor to every qualified individual. The Texas Department of State Health Services recommends calling ahead to ensure availability and eligibility.

Separately, DSHS has labeled Family Hospital Systems a hub. This allows FHS to receive larger quantities of doses that are to be distributed to the public.

In partnership with Williamson County, FHS is currently operating two hub locations—Sun City in Georgetown and Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex in Austin.

These hubs are not open every day, and the day they are open will likely vary each week, FHS spokeswoman Jen Stratton said. This is because the county will not know how many vaccine doses it will receive each week and therefore is unsure if it will have enough doses to operate multiple locations.

Future locations may open up, including Georgetown ISD Athletic Complex, Williamson County Expo Center and Dell Diamond in Round Rock, but locations continue to be based on available doses, officials said.

“As we receive our vaccine shipments, that is what entirely dictates which facility is being accommodated at what time,” Stratton said.

Individuals will know which location to go to when they receive an email confirming they have an appointment, she added.

Who can sign up?

DSHS has authorized vaccine distribution to those who qualify under 1A and 1B distinctions.

Phase 1A includes firefighters who engage in 911 emergency services like pre-hospital care, last responders who provide mortuary or death services to decedents with COVID-19, and school nurses who provide health care to students and teachers.

Phase 1B includes people 65 years of age and older and people 16 years of age and older with at least one chronic medical condition that puts them at increased risk for severe illness from the virus that causes COVID-19.

The county asks that only people who are eligible under 1A and 1B sign up on the county’s portal.

Vaccines are being distributed to those with an appointment, and county officials ask that one only arrives at the vaccine distribution hubs if they have an appointment.

While the county is not legally able to verify that individuals qualify under 1A and 1B due to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, laws, they hope only people who qualify will take a vaccine.

Phase 1C participants have not yet been determined, state officials said.

Where can I sign up?

Stratton asks that individuals sign up for the vaccine at https://familyhospitalsystems.typeform.com/to/NnnrXftS.

There are two links to sign up for the vaccine. The one above, as well as a waitlist on the FHS website.

This is because prior to FHS becoming a hub, it set up a waitlist to begin distributions in December on its own. Stratton said the county is working to combine to the two lists so there is one centralized list.

Stratton also asks that individuals only sign up once. She said if you have received a confirmation email, you are in the system, and there is no need to sign up again.

How will I be notified about my vaccine appointment?

Once registering for the vaccine, you should receive an email confirmation. After that, Stratton said you need to frequently check your email for one that details an appointment slot.

“We encourage everyone to keep checking their email,” Stratton said. “Once they are confirmed that we have a vaccine dose for them, they will receive their appointment time through email.”

How many vaccines has the county been given?

The county as a vaccination hub in partnership with FHS was allotted 8,000 vaccines Jan. 25 and 6,000 vaccines the week prior on Jan. 18.

Each Friday, Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell puts in a request to the state for a number of vaccines. He said while he continues to request about 30,000 vaccines each week, Williamson County is one of 254 counties in Texas all wanting vaccines.

As of Jan. 28, 27,927 people have received one dose, and 6,751 have been fully vaccinated in Williamson County, DSHS data shows. There are an estimated 476,807 residents over the age of 16 in the county, it said.

Texas health officials said Jan. 28 that federal vaccine shipments will go up from 313,000 this week to about 385,000 next week for the entire state.

The number of vaccines Williamson County receives each week is released on Mondays.

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