Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell said Nov. 12 he would not close the county with another stay-at-home order despite an increase in coronavirus cases.

“The Williamson County and Cities Health District makes recommendations based on the COVID-19 transmission rate to help residents understand the risks.
The guidelines are suggested for planning, but are not requirements," he said in a Nov. 12 news release.

On Nov. 11, the WCCHD increased the coronavirus spread risk level to high after seeing an increase in cases. It also added 600 previously omitted cases to the total count, which sat at
10,676 as of Nov. 11.

"Williamson County trusts our residents to be smart and prudent," he said. "We know that they will take the appropriate measures to stay safe."

Gravell enacted a "Stay Home Stay Safe" order from March 24 through April 30, when the novel coronavirus began to reach Central Texas. The order asked residents to stay home and to leave only for essential business.