Georgetown ISD is preparing for an additional 1,200 students to return to on-campus learning in the second nine weeks, Superintendent Fred Brent said in an Oct. 6 letter to parents.

“We’re excited to see more students return to campus,” Brent said. “I’m proud of our staff efforts to maintain clean and healthy environments for learning.”

About 7,769 students are now enrolled for on-campus learning of the 11,892 total enrolled population, GISD Executive Director for Communications Melinda Brasher said. This accounts for about 65.31% of students returning to the classroom.

The remaining 4,123 students or about 34.67% will continue remote learning for the second nine weeks, she said.

“Percentages of on campus learners increased from 57% to 65% of our total enrollment,” Brasher said, referring to the start of the school year to now.

At the start of the in-person option Sept. 10, about 53% of the 11,761 then-enrolled students selected in-person learning, but with the added enrollment, the percentage was adjusted to 57%, Brasher said. About 43% remained remote, she added.

Parents had until Oct. 4 to submit learning preference changes. The first day of the second nine-week period is Oct. 19.

To help track COVID-19 cases, GISD launched a tracking dashboard. Since Aug. 17, the district has reported 44 total lab-confirmed cases with 23 being students and 21 being staff.

“The number of COVID cases directly impacting our schools remains relatively low and that is, in part, due to the collective efforts of our staff and families to commit to safety protocols,” Brent said.