Georgetown ISD released a draft version of its back-to-school plan July 21.

The plan includes instructional information; protocols for safety; and expectations on bus transportation, playgrounds and recess, classroom procedures and more.

Below are a few key highlights.

Planning ahead

While the district decided to complete its first three weeks of the school year 100% virtually, the district plans for in-person classes to begin Sept. 10.

Parents will need to select whether they intend to send their child to school in person Sept. 10 by Aug. 6 through the district’s Skyward Family Access portal. Parents and students will be asked to commit to a learning format through a grading period—every nine weeks—and will be given the opportunity to update their selection at a pre-established deadline in advance of the start of each grading period.

Remote learning

GISD will operate its remote learning asynchronously, meaning students can complete assignments on their own time with designated time periods to check in with teachers.

District officials have pledged complete remote learning will be of the same standard and vigor as face-to-face learning. Students will also receive regular feedback and grading consistent with guidelines and practices in face-to-face instruction.

Students will also be expected to check in daily and complete assignments to be considered “present.” If a student is engaged in asynchronous learning and completes the entire week’s worth of learning activities on Monday and does not log in for the remainder of the week, he or she will be marked present on Monday only and counted “absent” for Tuesday-Friday.

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade will be given an equivalent of three hours of school work a day. Those in sixth grade and up will be given an equivalent of four hours of school work a day.

Special education support

Admission, Review and Dismissal Committees will determine the needs of students who receive special education services and will make service recommendations for students attending the remote learning program. Individual accommodations and modification of coursework will be provided in the remote learning format per the Individual Education Program.

The nature of special education interventions will likely require a heavier concentration of synchronous supports and services to ensure individual student needs are met.

Health and safety protocols

Masks will be required and face shields will be optional upon the start of in-person classes, district officials said.

GISD is working to acquire enough personal protective equipment and necessary cleaning supplies for the opening of school.

In general, all staff will self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms daily, and parents will be required to do the same for their child daily.

If a student shows symptoms at home or receives a positive test, parents should report it to the school nurse. Students who are ill while at school will be separated from their peers and should be picked up within 30 minutes.

Following a positive case of a student or staff, the school will notify local health authorities and close off the area used by the individual.

Campus staff and parents will be notified of any confirmed cases by the end of each day, and those who were in direct contact with the confirmed cases will be notified as well.

To return to school following a positive test, the individual must be fever free without medication for 72 hours, have improved symptoms and have had 10 days pass since symptoms began.

Cleaning protocols

Each classroom and restroom will be cleaned and disinfected daily, as well as common spaces such as the cafeteria, after each use.

High-touch points will also be disinfected regularly, and each classroom will be provided hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies for the teacher to disaffect high-touch areas.

Staff will be expected to monitor restrooms for social distancing compliance.

School arrival and dismissal

The district is asking all students who are able to travel to school without bus transportation to do so.

If bus transportation is needed, students will be required to use the district-provided hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the bus and load from the back forward. Masks must also be worn at all times.

Buses will be disinfected after each use.

Students driven to school and exiting their cars are expected to keep 6 feet of distance from others when entering the building.

Students will not be allowed to congregate while awaiting transportation.

Recess and playgrounds

Administrators at each school will develop a schedule for students to access playground equipment and will consider limiting the number of students per recess group. Teachers will monitor students to ensure safety guidelines are followed.

Guidelines for outdoor play include students must maintain social distancing while lining up to return to class and sanitize or wash hands before entering the playground and re-entering the building.

This is a draft version of the school plan. Further information and details will be provided by the district as they are solidified, officials said.