Georgetown City Council officially postponed its May 2 election until Nov. 3.

The motion was unanimously approved at the March 24 regular meeting.

Those running for the positions of mayor, District 2 council member and District 6 council member will have their campaign time extended by about seven months.

The Williamson County Elections Department recommended that local May 2 elections within the county be postponed, citing Gov. Greg Abbott’s March 18 proclamation allowing local May elections to take place in November, Community Impact Newspaper previously reported.

If an entity opts not to postpone its election to Nov. 3, it is responsible for administering the election itself, according to Williamson County Elections Administrator Chris Davis.

For Georgetown, costs for this portion of the November election will be the same as if the election was to be held in May, staff documents said. The city will not pay any additional costs for delaying the election due to the state of emergency.