The Georgetown City Council during its June 28 meeting approved a one-year agreement between C2 Acquisitions and the city as its first steps toward hosting a two-day music festival.

Kimberley Garrett, Georgetown's parks and recreation director, said C2 Acquisitions plans to host the event in San Gabriel Park on April 15-16, 2023.

"This festival aligns with the City Council's vision to make greater use of our parks for economic development purposes," Garrett said at the meeting.

Garrett and the agreement explained that event setup will start up to 10 days prior to the event, and cleanup will take up to five days after the event. Areas of the park will remain open as much as possible during setup, but there will be impacts to city rentals, including the community center, picnic pavilions, sports fields and programming of athletic leagues. On the two days of the event, the Recreation Center, hike-and-bike trail and the baseball fields will also be closed.

According to the agreement, C2 Acquisitions has secured over 3,000 parking spots with Georgetown ISD and is working to secure additional off-site parking in other locations to be used for a shuttle during the event. Additionally, maximum attendance for the festival is 30,000 per day.

The agreement requires C2 Acquisitions to follow the city's Special Event Process through a formal application.

City staff, including transportation, public works, parks, fire, police, environmental services and others, will review the applicant’s permit to ensure certain items—such as parking, solid waste, traffic detours, health and fire safety, and public safety—are covered.

The agreement will be effective for 12 months and may be renewed for two additional terms.

The Friends of Georgetown Parks and Recreation nonprofit organization has also signed an agreement with C2 Acquisitions regarding the music festival that will benefit the community through scholarships, community events and park improvements.

The ideation of this event was originally approved by voters in 2008 and 2015, and was a major component in the Georgetown Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Residents can learn more about the proposed festival at