During a workshop meeting, Georgetown City Council made an endorsement for potential city charter revisions concerning term limits May 25.

“I think it ought to go on the ballot," Council Member Steve Fought said. "The voters want a say in term limits, and I think we ought to give them a say.”

The rest of council agreed that voters should be given a say in the establishment of term limits.

City staff recommended council members serve three three-year terms for a total lifetime limit of nine years; the same term limits would be applied to the mayor. But City Council agreed that the lifetime term limit should be removed from the recommendation. What this adjustment would mean in practice was not immediately clear.

Other sections of the city charter to be considered for revision include qualifications for city employees, City Council vacancies and general power, among others.

The charter review committee, the city manager’s office and the city attorney’s office prepared an overview and recommendations to date, City Attorney Skye Masson said.

City Council will be presented with updated recommendation based on feedback at the next city meeting June 8 to schedule the proposed amendments for the November election.