Interested businesses can now receive BinaxNow Rapid COVID-19 tests kits from the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce, the chamber announced in a news release.

The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce is participating in the Small Business COVID-19 Rapid Testing Program announced by Gov. Greg Abbott on Jan. 22, according the release. Through the program, the Chamber of Commerce is able to distribute test kits to small businesses in the community.

“The program is part of the Nation’s Coronavirus Testing Strategy and designed to support the continued operation of small businesses in Texas,” the release said.

Businesses will receive test kits and face masks, which they can then provide to their employees, the release said.

Participating businesses must follow the following protocols, according to the release.

  • Identify a test coordinator at their location who is responsible for completing a BinaxNow training

  • Plan a test location and flow of individuals being tested to ensure proper social distancing

  • Report every test that is used via program-defined reporting application

  • Utilize at least 70% of test kits

  • Create a process for employees who test positive

  • Set up test stations in a fashion that limits test subjects’ potential to contaminate the test area

  • Obtain gloves for test administrations and utilize PPE while administering tests

  • Dispose of testing materials in accordance with the defined protocol

Interested businesses should complete this survey for priority consideration. Businesses selected to participate in the program will be notified April 2, the release said.