Ever since Jeannie Snead toured the house at 1008 E. University Ave. with her parents in the early 1970s, she has been infatuated with the property.

“My father founded and managed the local quarry, Texas Crushed Stone Co., and the railroad, both of which are still big local businesses here, and he needed a larger home for his family, but ultimately he decided the San Gabriel House was too much for what we needed,” Snead said.

Throughout the decades, the house continued to stay in Snead’s line of vision until she saw it listed for sale in 2018. She bought it that year and took over ownership of San Gabriel House Bed & Breakfast.

Originally built in 1904 for Southwestern University Regent Robert Hyer, the home remained a private residence and traded hands several times, until it was converted into a bed and breakfast, which opened in 2005.

“Purchasing the house was a dream come true for me,” she said. “I have always loved the house and passed by and thought, ‘Oh, I wish that was my house.’”

Snead hired Danni and Mark Babik to serve as resident innkeepers, who have taken it upon themselves to pamper guests.

Offering six rooms, many with original features, guests can expect to be served a home-cooked, two-course breakfast every morning.

“A lot of guests love seeing the history and feeling like they’re staying at their grandparents’ house,” Danni said.

Snead has worked to restore the home to its original splendor in the arts and crafts style—which is characterized by traditional techniques and inspired by nature—sourcing antiques from estate sales.

She also incorporated inherited furniture and porcelain china from her parents and grandparents.

The house also hosts private events, such as baby showers and weddings, for up to 60 people.

“It is a great setting for intimate groups and parties with the decorating pretty much taken care of,” Snead said.

History of a house

The San Gabriel House was home to eight families over the course of a century until it was converted into a bed and breakfast.

1904: The house is built for Robert Hyer, the regent of Southwestern University.

1918: The house catches fire, after which it is extensively renovated and expanded.

Circa 1920-40: Texas Gov. Dan Moody reportedly rents out the carriage house.

1990s: The Milburn family buys and fully renovates the aging home.

2005: The house is opened as a bed and breakfast under Dee and Neil Rapp.

2018: Jeannie Snead buys the bed and breakfast.

San Gabriel House Bed & Breakfast

1008 E. University Ave., Georgetown



Hours: Reservations available online.