Mathnasium Georgetown is a math-only learning center that has been helping local students with kindergarten through 12th grade arithmetic since 2015.

Mathnasium Georgetown Center Director Rebecca Salinas said she is proud to lead a group of qualified instructors who are passionate about helping local students reach their academic goals.

“Our instructors come from a variety of different backgrounds,” Salinas said. “Many of them are college students, getting their degrees in math education. We have a couple retired teachers as well.”

Salinas said the center uses an assessment process to determine what each child knows and what they need to learn. From there, instructors design a customized learning plan to teach the concepts the student needs to master.

Salinas also said all instructors are required to take and pass an employment math exam.

“Every instructor must go through Mathnasium University where they are taught the methods we use to teach our students,” Salinas said.

Salinas was in school for nursing when she joined Mathnasium as a part-time instructor in 2017. The center director position became available as she was preparing to graduate.

“While working as an instructor, I discovered how much I loved teaching and building connections with my students,” Salinas said. “After thinking about it, I chose to continue with Mathnasium. I’ve never regretted that decision as I love the difference we are able to make in our students’ education and am so passionate about what we do here.”

There are eight instructors at Mathnasium Georgetown, and Salinas hopes to have more join her team in time for the new school year.

Salinas said any student can come in for a free assessment.

“The assessment helps us determine where they are in math, their strengths [and] weaknesses, and discover any foundational gaps,” Salinas said. “From there, depending on their level, we recommend coming in two, three or four times a week.”

Salinas said throughout the course of a student’s learning plan, Mathnasium instructors can work with Georgetown ISD teachers.“During the school year, we are able to connect with our students’ teachers to see what they’re learning in school so we can reinforce those topics here in our center,” Salinas said. “Since we are in constant communication with their teachers, we build great teamwork with them to the benefit of our students.”

Mathnasium Georgetown

1821 Westinghouse Road, Ste. 1140


Hours: Mon.-Fri. 3-7 p.m., closed Sat.-Sun.