Local gym offers clients full-range of training and workout options

Robert Otis owns FACT Fitness in Georgetown. (Eddie Harbour/Community Impact Newspaper)
Robert Otis owns FACT Fitness in Georgetown. (Eddie Harbour/Community Impact Newspaper)

Robert Otis owns FACT Fitness in Georgetown. (Eddie Harbour/Community Impact Newspaper)

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FACT Fitness in Georgetown has large turf spaces for teams to train on. (Eddie Harbour/Community Impact Newspaper)
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Plenty of motivational signage covers the walls at FACT Fitness in Georgetown. (Eddie Harbour/Community Impact Newspaper)
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There are rows of punching bags at FACT Fitness in Georgetown. (Eddie Harbour/Community Impact Newspaper)
Robert Otis had done a lot of things before he opened his first gym nearly 10 years ago. After a few years in the Air Force, a stint in corporate America and a lot of time on the basketball court, Otis realized none of it was fulfilling. While coaching basketball in Gilroy, Calif., he opened his first gym, which worked well up to the pandemic. His second gym, off Williams Drive in Georgetown, also helped scratch his fitness itch, but he knew he wanted more.

“My first gym in California had a turf field, but it was smaller. I had a sprint lane, but it was smaller. And then I had a weight room, and it was smaller, but I just had basically those three components.” Otis explained. “The one here in Georgetown was basically just a bootcamp room, and then a tiny weight room area. But here [at FACT FItness] I got to do everything.”

Once clients visit the FACT Fitness location in the Wolf Ranch Town Center in Georgetown, it is easy to see the owner's vision.

Training is at the core of what FACT Fitness offers, FACT being an acronym for Foundational Athletic Coaching Technique. The styles of training offered at FACT include personal training, sport-specific training, and entire team training.

“We work with athletes from 8-years old through professional in any sport,” Otis said. “I literally have gymnasts, swimmers, golfers and all the team sports; that’s our specialty service. But then we do traditional personal training, we do CrossFit and we do bootcamp classes.”

For the individual client, FACT offers F3 Crossfit, High-Intensity Interval Training Bootcamps and recently added more traditional gym memberships with access to gym equipment and free weights.

The facilities at FACT showcase its diversity with what it has to offer. From the large turf areas and sprint lanes, the full-size basketball court and rows of punching bags, to the cardio machines and dedicated weight room, each specialty has the space and equipment it necessitates.

And while the sheer room helps Otis fulfill his vision—there are also privately run cryotherapy, physiotherapy and a chiropractor in the building—it’s the staff that brings it to completion.

“I can’t brag enough about my team; I think I have one of the best teams in the industry,” Otis said. “We have some amazingly talented and qualified people.”

Like Otis, general manager AJ Johnson is an International Sports Sciences Association-certified trainer with several specialties. For volleyball and nutrition, FACT turns to Mon’tee Sorrells, while those seeking skill development in basketball look to NBA-certified trainer Martinez Martin.

F3 Crossfit is run by Lauren Morrealle, a level 3 CrossFit trainer, while bootcamps and soccer skills are overseen by Taylor Johnson, a former college soccer player.

Beyond that, two former Texas Tech athletes, Lamont Adams and Werner Bouwer, work to help clients with their speed and in the throwing disciplines respectively, while Nicole-Analise Bradford focuses on body transformation and nutrition.

“I want to provide a real community feel but have some upper amenities where you don't get that big-box feel,” Otis said. “I really wanted to open up [FACT Fitness] to members instead of just being a training facility. And that’s a good opportunity to have more people see our amazing staff and, if they want, to take advantage of the training and coaching and it's all here in the same place.”

FACT Fitness

1019 W. University Ave. Ste. 100, Georgetown



By Eddie Harbour

Editor, Cedar Park/Georgetown/Leander

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