Kelsie Cabrera began practicing yoga consistently after returning from a tour in Afghanistan in 2012.

Cabrera served in the U.S. Army from 2012-15 and found yoga as a method for healing old and new injuries as well as helping with the mental and emotional component of being in a high-intensity job, she said.

“I was surprised by the challenge, but it felt so good in my body and really in my soul,” Cabrera said of her first time practicing yoga. “I just kept going back, and I went back every day for year.”

Now, Cabrera said she hopes to share her passion for yoga through her studio, Brave Vira Yoga, which opened in September 2018 on the Georgetown Square.

Brave Vira offers mostly heated and nonheated vinyasa flow-based, or continuous movement, classes. The business also has fully stocked showers and classes held throughout the day to accommodate different schedules, Cabrera said.

“We really want it to be a no-excuses zone,” she said. “Here is everything you could possibly need to go and conquer life.”

Cabrera added that she is working on offering more outdoor community events such as yoga on the Square and in San Gabriel Park. She said community is a big part of the business and is reflected in its symbol of an arrow and a circle. The circle, Cabrera said, is the support system that surrounds you. For Brave Vira, Cabrera said the Georgetown community has been so welcoming and supportive of her business.

Separately, the arrow represents one’s own sharpening of their bodies, mind and spirit, she said, adding that when one is sharpened and strong, they are able to make more of an impact with the people and community around them.

“Yoga is about finding consistency in yourself through changes,” Cabrera said. "For me, it starts as a physical practice, but it’s much deeper than that.”

Brave Vira Yoga is located at 112 W. Eighth St., Georgetown. 512-820-9700.