Sincerely Yours 1848’s clothing, accessories offer California chic with nod to local history


Husband-and-wife team Danny and Cat Solano opened Sincerely Yours 1848 on the Georgetown Square in October 2016, and the year since has been “a rad adventure,” Danny said.

The name of the boutique is a nod to the city of Georgetown: “Sincerely Yours” is the city’s official motto, and Georgetown was incorporated in 1848.

Although the boutique’s name evokes Georgetown history, Danny and Cat stock the shop with clothing and products customers would not ordinarily find in the city.

“We carry a lot of stuff that’s trendy,” Danny said.

Danny and Cat look to California brands and Instagram for inspiration on items to sell in their store. Boutiques in Austin often have the latest trends, but stores outside the city sometimes lag behind, they said.

The Solanos hope to make trendy items more accessible to Georgetown-area customers and save them
a trip to Austin to find similar merchandise.

“People are always telling us how nice it is to not have to drive to Austin to find something they want,” Cat said.

The couple has lived in Texas for six years. Danny is originally from Santa Cruz, California, and Cat is from Monterey, California. Before opening Sincerely Yours 1848, Danny worked in retail, mostly at e-commerce and big-box stores. Cat was a hairdresser.

Cat said her vision for the boutique was to make it a business that both men and women could enjoy, noting that in her experience, men shopping with their wives or significant others often spend the trip looking for the nearest bench. She said she also wanted to create a space for all age groups to enjoy.

The vision to turn the shop into a community spot led the Solanos to apply for a license to serve beer and wine to customers on the boutique’s back patio, where the Solanos also plan to eventually hold movie nights.

Danny said the boutique’s patio has already turned into somewhat of a gathering space for customers, including students looking for a place to study or families needing a rest from shopping on the Square.

Sincerely Yours 1848
809 S. Main St., Ste. B, Georgetown
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 11 a.m.-6 p.m., Sun. noon-5 p.m.

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