Dr. James McKinney said he enjoys getting to know each patient who comes to Bluebonnet Wound Center & Hyperbarics in Georgetown.

“From the moment a patient comes in, they see the wound care center looks different than most any other doctor’s office they’ve walked into,” McKinney said. “We’ve tried to make it as much of a home atmosphere as possible.”

The bluebonnet theme abounds—photographs and paintings by locals of the wildflowers cover the walls. The furniture incorporates cowhide and wood pieces that to some might be more reminiscent of a Texas ranch than a medical waiting room.

“I value my employees as much as I value family members,” McKinney said. “I just can’t help but believe that feeling we have in our office translates down to our patients. Patients become part of our family. It takes a partnership to get those wounds to heal, and we’re blessed to have that.”

Bluebonnet, which opened in October, is the only wound care center in Georgetown. McKinney’s staff members consist of one full-time registered nurse, two part-time registered nurses, a front desk manager and a hyperbaric technician. The team works to heal arterial, venous, infected, diabetic, traumatic and postsurgical wounds; radiation-induced injuries; and burns and bedsores.

The center also offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which consists of having a patient breathe 100 percent pure oxygen under pressure for a predetermined length of time. According to McKinney, the hyperbaric treatment is effective for helping treat injuries, diabetic wounds, bone infections and radiation injuries, among other wounds.

“The oldest wound I’ve been able to heal was 20 years old,” McKinney said. “That patient was extremely grateful, and it was extremely rewarding to be part of their successful care.”

A patient has typically had a wound for several months when he or she first comes to Bluebonnet Wound Center.

“We take pictures at every visit, so we can show the patient how the wound is healing,” McKinney said of the center’s focus on motivation. “Though it’s slow, it’s certainly a progressive pattern. When the patients see the progress, it encourages them to adhere to the treatment program we’ve outlined.”

McKinney said he has been pleased with the success of the center so far.

“There has been so much support from the population of Georgetown and Sun City,” he said. “I only wish I could have started doing this a number of years earlier.”

The McKinney File:

  • Worked as a paramedic, operating room technician and physician assistant before medical school

  • Did a preceptorship at Central Texas Wound Healing Associates

  • Served as  medical director at Arise Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center and the Wound Clinic at Palestine Regional Medical Center

  • Opened his Georgetown practice in October 2016

Bluebonnet Wound Center & Hyperbarics
3201 S. Austin Ave., Ste. 225, Georgetown
Hours: Mon.-Thu. 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Fri. 8 a.m.-3 p.m., closed Sat.-Sun.