In the heart of Sun City, behind Mulligan's Restaurant, a tiny, old fashion replica of Georgetown is growing in the garden. A 30-inch-long and 6-inch-tall toy train engine snakes through a miniature version of the Downtown Square, complete with its own Williamson County Courthouse and over two dozen structures.

The Red Poppy Community Garden Railroad was created by Sun City residents with a simple goal: to bring people together.

So far, the project is only about half done, but it's garnered over $60,000 in community donations, head train technician Bob Bischoff said.

The overview

The railroad was pitched, designed and constructed by the Radio Control Modelers Club, a 250-member group composed of hobbyists and retired professionals who volunteer their expertise.

"We have a lot of talent here in Sun City. ... Former Disney architects, electricians, carpenters and even professional painters," Bischoff said.

Each building in the garden is handmade and highly detailed, with some inhabited by toy people and others decorated with faux landscaping.

Bischoff said the 3,800-square-foot Georgetown is meant to be set in the mid-20th century. A trolley accompanies the train through the square on occasion, and a drive-in movie theater sits on the outskirts of downtown.

Other buildings and "quirky" details are still being added, Bischoff said, including a house that's caught on fire and Batman's Batcave entrance.

"I have people tell me they come eat [at Mulligan's] every week just to see what new thing pops up," Bischoff said.

He hopes the town will be fully built out by spring 2025.

Quote of note

"[The railroad] not only brings back memories for the Sun City people here, but their kids and their grandkids can learn about the things that we grew up with and share that," Bischoff said.

Get involved

The train typically runs during the day on Thursdays and Sundays. Mulligans customers can view it from the large windows overlooking the golf course or outside.

In the future, Bischoff hopes to run it on Tuesday and Saturday nights as well.

Donations for the project are still being accepted, and sponsors can have an advertisement or business name created within the display.