Pink Penguin Frozen Yogurt Andrea Cole, co-owner of Pink Penguin Frozen Yogurt, said she enjoys running the frozen yogurt business in Hutto.[/caption]

Pink Penguin Frozen Yogurt Patrons eat frozen treats at Pink Penguin.[/caption]

At Pink Penguin Frozen Yogurt in Hutto, cravings for a cold treat can be satisfied with a cup of frozen yogurt with flavors such as apple pie, Irish mint, strawberry shortcake and gelato.

“We are excited about being here in Hutto and part of the community,” co-owner Andrea Cole said. “That is really important for us.”

Cole said she is originally from Utah and came to Hutto with her husband. In 2010 the couple bought Pink Penguin, and Cole said they have been enjoying the frozen yogurt business.

Customers can choose from eight flavors and about 50 toppings at a time, Cole said.

“We have about 50 flavors [total], and I switch every three to four days,” she said.

Chocolate, French vanilla, strawberry and sorbet are always available; the other flavors change, Cole said. She said she posts the daily flavors on the shop’s Facebook page.

“We use [suppliers] that have probiotics in their products,” Cole said. “They are healthy. So a lot of people that have tummy issues can eat [Pink Penguin’s frozen yogurts] without having those issues.”

Frozen yogurt contains less fat than ice cream, Cole said, and some flavors are fat-free. Some people prefer the natural ingredients and lower fat content of frozen yogurt compared with ice cream, she said.

Customers’ favorites at Pink Penguin are cake batter, cupcake and red velvet cake, Cole said.

“I would definitely try the cake batters and the sorbet,” Pink Penguin employee Micah Randall said.

The sorbet comes in seven flavors, including Valencia orange, watermelon or kiwi-strawberry, which is gluten-free and a children’s favorite, Cole said. She said the shop earns about a quarter of its sales from sorbet.

Randall said her favorite frozen yogurt combination is the pink lemonade sorbet with Nerds candy as the topping. Randall said she has worked at Pink Penguin for a year and enjoys that it is a family-friendly shop and welcoming to everyone.

“It really has a homey feel here,” Randall said.

Cole said the main customers are teenagers and families. The shop has faithful customers, she said, and she gets to see certain families on a regular basis.

In addition to frozen yogurt, Pink Penguin sells novelty items, such as Pink Penguin chalkboards, penguin lucky charms, stuffed animals and toys.

409 W. Front St., Hutto. 512-846-1441
Hours: Sun.-Thu. noon-9 p.m., Fri.-Sat. noon-10 p.m.