Bee Cave Arts Foundation molds Phase 2 of city’s sculpture park

About 18 months after its grand opening, the Bee Cave Sculpture Park will unveil its final phase in mid-May, said Chad Bockius, president and founder of the Bee Cave Arts Foundation. Bockius’ nonprofit group is responsible for creating and developing the park that is free to the public and open from sunrise to sundown.

The 7-acre park, located across from the Bee Cave Police Department off Hwy. 71, opened its eight pad sites in November 2013. Over time a total of nine additional sculptures were added to the first phase, Bockius said.

The new section will house an additional nine sculptures, including the “Prelude” piece, which was valued at $250,000 and donated by the city of Austin seven months ago, Bockius said. The 16-foot-tall sculpture was in a state of disrepair when it was acquired, but volunteers refurbished it, he said.Bee Cave Arts Foundation molds Phase 2 of city’s sculpture park

The second phase of the park was not a part of its initial design, Bockius said.

“After walking the remainder of the park [once Phase 1 was in place], I realized what a great piece of land this was,” he said.

The Bee Cave Economic Development Board funded the $18,000 in park improvements needed for Phase 2.