INTERACTIVE: See how many Williamson County residents voted early in the 2018 primaries, and for which party


During the two-week early voting period, nearly 36,000 Williamson County voters, or 11.32 percent of those registered, cast their ballots for the 2018 primary election.

Historically, Williamson County has had high Republican election turnout. During a 2016 visit, former Vice President Al Gore called Georgetown “the reddest city in the reddest county in the reddest state.”

That rang true for the 2018 primaries, as 20,861 voters cast a ballot in the Republican primaries, compared with 14,925 for the Democratic races. See how many voters cast a ballot each day of early voting below.

Williamson County residents’ last chance to vote in the primaries will be Election Day on Tuesday.


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