City Council approves slower speeds for Austin Avenue


City Council approved an ordinance Jan. 14 to lower speed limits along Austin Avenue between Leander Road and Williams Drive.

The vote was 5-2, with Councilwomen Rachael Jonrowe and Patty Eason votingagainst the ordinance.

The ordinance sets the speed limit at 40 mph between Leander Road and 18th Street; 35 mph from 18th Street to 574 feet north of 16th Street and between Second Street and Williams Drive; and 30 mph from 574 feet north of 16th Street to Second Street.

At the ordinances first reading Dec. 10, Jonrowe said she thought the speeds should be even lower along the roadway.

This is a big issue for people [in downtown], she said. Our policy for the downtown area is about pedestrian safety first.

Transportation Engineer Bill Dryden said the city completed a traffic study after receiving multiple complaints about vehicle and pedestrian safety and seeing an increase in the number of vehicle crashes between 18th Street and University Avenue. New developments and improvements to the area have also caused an increase in traffic volume.

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