Austin installs new parking boxes for dockless bicycles and scooters

A fleet of Lime scooters line an Austin sidewalk.

A fleet of Lime scooters line an Austin sidewalk.

The city of Austin has issued 17,650 permits for dockless scooters and bicycles to ten different companies. With so many vehicles on the streets and sidewalks of the city, Austin has begun marking parking boxes in certain areas to encourage dockless vehicle users to park in areas that do not impede accessibility for others.

On its dockless mobility website, the city asks scooter and bicycle users to park the devices upright in areas that give others at least three feet of space on sidewalks, such as areas near public bike racks or public benches.

If residents see dockless scooters or bikes toppled over or otherwise blocking accessibility, they can report the issue to Austin’s 3-1-1 by calling or using the mobile app.

There are currently ten marked parking boxes, and according to a city release, more will be coming soon. Nine of the ten boxes are located downtown, according to a map provided by the city. The lone exception is a box in East Austin at the corner of Pleasant Valley Road and Fifth Street.