Just under 5% of registered Travis County voters cast a ballot during the first week of early voting, according to data from the Travis County Clerk’s office.

As of Oct. 24, 42,056 individuals voted across the county.

Of those, 38,542 people cast their votes in person, while 3,506 mail-in ballots were also tallied.

The highest turnouts were at the Ben Hur Shrine Center, Oak Hills Church and South Park Meadows voting centers with 5,882, 4,416 and 3,258 votes cast, respectively.

Friday was the busiest day with 7,185 votes cast, and Sunday was the slowest with 3,052.

In Austin, voters have the option to weigh in on eight statewide propositions and two city propositions concerning police staffing and a parkland deal.

Some voters may have additional items to vote on, such as two additional propositions in Sunset Valley.

In 2017 and 2019, which there were not years for midterm or Presidential elections, 13.42% and 14.87% of registered Travis County voters cast a ballot, respectively.

Early voting continues through Oct. 29. The election takes place Nov. 2. Travis County voting information, including polling locations and wait times, can be found, here.