After deputies and corrections officers with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office received salary increases in early February, the executive command staff will also receive pay raises this month.

The Williamson County Commissioners Court approved the transfer of funding into various county budgets Feb. 28 to allow for the pay raises. Salaries for two assistant chief positions—one with the sheriff’s office and one with the corrections department—will increase from $131,863 a year to $156,850. The annual salary for a third assistant chief position will also go from $134,423 to $156,850.

Meanwhile, the chief deputy salary at the sheriff’s office will increase from $140,825 to $169,398; the salary for chief investigator for the county attorney’s office will rise from $122,712 to $134,983; and the salary of the chief investigator for the district attorney’s office will go from $129,864 to $142,850.

This comes after the court voted to raise the starting salaries for deputies and corrections officers to the highest in the region in February.

Precinct 4 County Commissioner Russ Boles said the latest raises for command staff are part of a promise the court made last year to address salaries and compete with agencies inside and outside of the county.

“Other communities are seeing the value in law enforcement positions, and from the time we had that conversation in August until now, the pay has increased,” Boles said. “So we’re doing our best to keep up with our communities so they don’t come hire our employees away.”

According to Senior Director of Human Resources Rebecca Clemons, the county will need to find an additional $84,330 to implement the raises this month. She said the county still has $37,000 leftover from the salary study that could go toward that increase. The annual cost increase to the county, meanwhile, is $126,000.