The City of Leander is transitioning from Phase 2 water conservation into Phase 3 on Feb. 24 to prepare for the upcoming Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority pipeline leak repair.

Last week, BCRUA officials discovered a new leak in the previously repaired 36-inch raw water pipeline, which was found in Sandy Creek far underwater, General Manager Karen Bondy said.

After inspection, divers confirmed a portion of the pipeline had separated, which caused the intake barge to lose pressure and disrupt raw-water delivery to the BCRUA facility, according to the city’s Feb. 17 press release. In response to the leak, the city of Leander has moved all water treatment capacities to the Sandy Creek plant and upped water conservation efforts.

Phase 3 in the city’s Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan requires Leander residents to conduct hand-held watering only. Irrigation systems should be shut off and all nonessential and industrial watering uses will be prohibited in this phase with minimal exceptions.

This phase will be in effect until further notice, according to the city.

Work on the pipeline is scheduled to begin in late February or early March, according to the city. Until repairs are completed, the city will need to reduce its water treatment capacity from 25 million gallons per day to 9 mgd.

Find more information here on Leander's Phase 3 water conservation requirements.