Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority officials discovered a new leak in the previously repaired 36-inch raw water pipeline earlier last week.

BCRUA General Manager Karen Bondy said the new leak is not nearly as severe as the previous leak found in August last year. Work on that pipe leak did not begin until late September and was completed in early October.

The new leak was found in a portion of the pipeline located in Sandy Creek far underwater, Bondy said. After inspection Feb. 15, divers confirmed a portion of the pipeline had separated, which caused the intake barge to lose pressure and disrupt raw-water delivery to the BCRUA facility, according to the Feb. 17 press release.

In response to the leak, the city of Leander will move all water treatment capacities to the Sandy Creek plant. Leander will remain in Phase 2 of its Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan.

“[It’s a] pipe separation,” Bondy said. “Divers are pushing it back together to get us going again.”

Furthermore, Bondy said, there will be additional reinforcements made to the pipeline. The BCRUA will also take a piece off and bring it up to the surface for examination to better understand what took place.

Divers will get started on the new leak Feb. 20, Bondy said. BCRUA officials, partners and contractors are planning for an expedited repair, according to the release.

“We knew this pipe was fragile, which is why we’re planning a replacement for it,” Bondy said. “We’ll keep an eye on this [pipe] until we’re ready to replace it.”

The repair on the newly found pipe leak is slated to last for about a week and a half. More information will be shared at the BCRUA board meeting Feb. 22.