Leander City Council voted to terminate a Chapter 380 economic incentives agreement for the Cangshan Cutlery Co. headquarters project—which was under the code name Project Cutting Edge—on Feb. 2.

City officials said “the company’s timeline, relocation, and cost estimates for build-out didn’t align with their short-term facility needs,” confirming the termination was a mutual agreement.

Cangshan Cutlery initially planned to move its international headquarters to Leander in 2023. The California-based company, which manufactures premium cutlery, was slated to develop a 400,000-square-foot production and administrative facility that would have brought up to 300 jobs to the city.

The facility was projected to create $150 million in annual revenue, according to the city’s original press release on the knife company’s relocation. City officials coined the development as a “milestone for economic development in the city.”

Cangshan Cutlery’s current headquarters is located in Chino, California. The previously planned facility site is located at 204 Heritage Grove Road, Leander.

No known projects are planned for the site.