A California-based knife manufacturer will relocate its international headquarters to Leander in 2023, the city announced Aug. 24.

Cangshan Cutlery, which produces premium cutlery, will develop a 400,000-square-foot production and administrative facility that will bring up to 300 jobs to Leander. Additionally, the facility is projected to create $150 million in annual revenue, according to the city release.

“As a first-generation immigrant, I am inspired by the possibilities of the promise of America," the company's CEO and founder Henry Liu said in the release. "I see it in the spirit and creativity of my employees, and I see it in the town of Leander, Texas. I am truly excited about bringing the vision of creating a premium American-made cutlery line to life."

In turn, the city of Leander will provide up to $5.5 million in local property tax and sales tax rebates for the development. The agreement requires the construction of the planned facility, at least $40 million in real property improvements and equipment, and the addition of full-time jobs as the facility expands, according to the city.

Additionally, Williamson County and the city will provide up to $1.6 million in roadway improvement reimbursements. This is contingent on final facility construction.

City Manager Rick Beverlin said Cangshan Cutlery's facility could be one of the city's largest primary jobs additions.

"This builds on the momentum of other recent job multipliers like Texas Bullion Depository and Northline Development, which are essential to establishing a healthy and diverse tax base in Leander," Beverlin said in the release.

The city's Economic Development Director Cameron Goodman said multiple factors are at play when considering why Cangshan is relocating to Leander.

“According to Cangshan, Texas is seen as a more business-friendly state,” Goodman said. “The regulations and business environment in California has been a little restrictive for them so they are excited to get to Texas. Specifically, in Leander, we have a site that is really perfect for them close to the highway for them to be able to distribute their products after they are made and we have a good workforce here.”

In terms of total jobs added, Cangshan is projected to be the city's third-largest primary employer following H-E-B and Liberty Civil Construction, Goodman said. A primary employer is classified as an organization that brings in money from outside the city.

The company's current headquarters is located in Chino, California. The planned facility site is located at 204 Heritage Grove Road, Leander. This is located across the road from the Texas Bullion Depository, which received a city economic development agreement in 2017.

Editor's note: Additional reporting about the economic development agreement has been added to this article.