Council Member Kathryn Pantalion-Parker was sworn back into office at Place 1 on Leander City Council at the May 19 council meeting.

“I’m honored and humbled to have the opportunity to do this another three years,” Pantalion-Parker said. “I am also humbled and honored by all the people that took the time, showed up, spoke up, put signs in their yard, block-walked and showed up at the polls to vote, because without that it doesn’t happen.”

Pantalion-Parker was sworn into office by Judge Laura Barker of Williamson County Court at Law 2, which was considered the first time Barker had sworn in a city council member.

Pantalion-Parker also announced at the May 19 meeting that it was her 26th wedding anniversary, and she praised her husband, who has been supportive during her time serving on City Council.

“He is the love of my life and my enabler,” she said. “He’s enabled me to be here.”

With runoff elections for Place 3 and Place 5 on Leander City Council approaching, Pantalion-Parker encouraged Leander voters to participate in the runoff elections.

“We’re asking you to go vote again,” she said. “There’s a runoff for the primaries, and then there’s a runoff for the local elections, and then in November you get to go and vote again, so it’s a lot of work to ask all the citizens to do, but just do it; it's worth it.”

The runoff election will be held June 11. Early voting starts May 31.