Leander Mayor-elect Christine Sederquist is 'determined to get to work'

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Christine Sederquist will take office May 20. (Taylor Girtman/Community Impact Newspaper)

Christine Sederquist will take office May 20. (Taylor Girtman/Community Impact Newspaper)

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Christine Sederquist (Courtesy Christine Sederquist)
Christine Sederquist will be the second female mayor of Leander, following the late Pat Bryson, and the youngest mayor at age 39—one year shy of Bryson, who became mayor at 40, Sederquist said.

"I thought it was kind of cool how it all ties in," Sederquist said of her connection to Bryson, whom a city building is named after.

With 51.84% of votes, Sederquist defeated incumbent Troy Hill on May 1. Sederquist will take office May 20.

Sederquist said her win means voters want a government that is more communicative and focused on residents' everyday needs. Demographic shifts also were a part of her win, she said. As a millennial nonnative Texan, Sederquist is different from past Leander mayors.

"I think that's what a lot of us are here," she said. "We have a lot of millennial women that are all here, raising our kids."

This is Sederquist's second election win after being elected to City Council Place 4 in 2018. Sederquist said she felt "shock" after she was first elected to council. But today, postelection, she is in "awe" and "more determined to get to work."

"I felt like 'OK, that's done. Now let's get to work,'" Sederquist said.

Three new council members will join Sederquist on the council in the coming weeks. Becki Ross will replace incumbent Marci Cannon in the Place 6 seat. The June 5 runoff election will add two new council members to the place 2 and 4 seats. Place 2 was vacated in 2020 after former Council Member Michelle Stephenson left the city, and Place 4 is Sederquist's current seat.
By Taylor Girtman

Reporter, Cedar Park and Leander

Taylor Girtman became the reporter for the Cedar Park-Leander edition in February 2020. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Florida.