Updated 11:27 p.m. May 7

As of 11 p.m., Williamson County and Travis County have counted all election day results.

Jim Penniman-Morin has won the mayoral race, and Mel Kirkland, Eric Boyce and Heather Jefts have been re-elected on Cedar Park City Council.

Results show that Penniman-Morin won the mayoral race with 59.84% of the votes, or 4,611 votes. Mike Guevara received 25.93% of the votes, or 1,998 votes, and Claudia Chavez had 14.24%, or 1,097 votes.

For Place 2, Kirkland won by 69.74% of the votes, or 5,028, and his opponent, Collin Klein had 30.26%, or 2,182 votes.

Boyce won the race for Place 4 with 69.72% of the votes, or 5,094 votes. Boyce’s contender, Dorian Chavez, had 30.28% of the votes, or 2,212 votes. Boyce said he feels honored to continue in his role.

“It’s an honor for me to continue in my role of serving the citizens of Cedar Park,” he said in the press release. "I’m excited for the future of Cedar Park and can’t wait for the work that lies ahead of us.”

In the race for Place 6, Jefts took the win with 68.87% of the votes, or 4,861 votes, while her challenger, Tim Kelly, had 31.13%, or 2,197 votes.

“I want to thank everybody in Cedar Park for getting out to vote,” Jefts said in the press release. “I’m very excited to see how many people are engaged with our city election and I’m honored for their faith in me to serve two more years.”

All results are unofficial until canvassed. Visit our online Voter Guide for all local election results in your community.

Updated 10:28 p.m. May 7

May 7 election day results from Williamson and Travis counties show Jim Penniman-Morin has received the highest percentage of votes in the mayoral race and the three incumbents are leading in the races for Place 2, 4 and 6.

“I’m thrilled with the high turnout in our city election and grateful for the trust and confidence placed in me as Cedar Park’s next mayor,” Penniman-Morin said. “Together, we will keep inclusion, civility and collaboration at the forefront of city government.”

As of 9:53 p.m., Williamson County has reported all election day results. Travis County has not finished reporting all election day results.

With the unofficial results tallied for Williamson County, Penniman-Morin leads the mayoral race by 59.90% of the votes, or 4,362 votes. Mike Guevara follows behind with 25.56% of the votes, or 1,861 votes, and Claudia Chavez has 14.54% of votes, or 1,059 votes.

In the race for Place 2, Mel Kirkland leads with 69.85% of the votes, or 4,759 votes, while his challenger, Collin Klein, has 30.15%, or 2,054 votes. Kirkland said he feels good about the current results.

“I’m very excited with the existing results,” he said. “I want to thank all residents of Cedar Park for their continuing support, and I want to congratulate the other candidates and our new mayor Jim Penniman-Morin.”

For Place 4, Eric Boyce has a strong lead with 69.83% of the votes, or 4,818 votes. Dorian Chavez, Boyce’s opponent, has 30.17%, or 2,082 votes.

Heather Jefts is still in the lead for Place 6 with 69.03% of the votes, or 4,588. Her opponent, Tim Kelly, follows behind with 30.97%, or 2,058 votes.

Results are updated as of 9:56 p.m. All results are unofficial until canvassed. Visit our online Voter Guide for all local election results in your community.

Posted 8:33 p.m. May 7

Voters in Cedar Park cast ballots in for four contested seats in City Council elections during the May 7 election.

As Travis and Williamson county report early results, current Council Member Jim Penniman-Morin is leading the mayoral race; Mel Kirikland is leading in Place 2; Eric Boyce is leading for Place 4; and Heather Jefts is taking the lead in Place 6.

The ballot includes three incumbents; Kirkland, Boyce and Jefts. Kirkland told Community Impact Newspaper on May 5 that he was feeling pretty good going into the elections.

In the mayoral race, Penniman-Morin received 61.1% of the vote, or 3,148 votes, leading Claudia Chavez and Mike Guevara. Guevara trails with 25.27% of the vote, or 1,302 votes while Chavez has 13.63% of the vote, or 702 votes.

If no single candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, a runoff between the two candidates with the most votes will be held.

In the race for Place 2, Kirkland, the incumbent council member, has gained 71.71% of the vote, or 3,485 votes. His opponent, Collin Klein, has received 28.29%, or 1,375 votes.

Boyce, the incumbent council member, has gained 71.88% of the vote, or 3,535 votes, in the race for Place 4. His challenger, Dorian Chavez, has received 28.12%, or 1,383 votes.

In Place 6, Jefts, the incumbent council member, has gained 69.88% of the vote, or 3,311 votes. Her contender, Tim Kelly, has received 30.12%, or 1,427 votes.

Results are updated as of 7:29 p.m. All results are unofficial until canvassed. Visit our online Voter Guide for all local election results in your community.