Each year, the University of Wisconsin Public Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation rank counties across the U.S. based on their health levels in areas such as physical activity, health insurance coverage, socioeconomic factors and residents’ physical environments.

Williamson County ranked as one of the top counties in Texas and the top county in Central Texas when measuring length and quality of life. Travis County ranked next in the grouping. See 2021 data for five Central Texas counties below. Explore the complete datasets here.

Residents in Comal, Guadalupe and Hays counties ranked slightly lower in these categories. When ranking counties based on the number of primary care physicians per resident, Travis, Comal and Williamson counties rank better than the state average of about one per 1,640 residents. Travis ranks the best at one physician per 1,160 residents. With regard to the physical environment, all five counties have slightly higher air pollution figures that the state average, with Hays County averaging the least density of fine particulate matter in the air and Travis County ranking the highest.