St. David’s Georgetown Hospital St. David's Georgetown Hospital will add a helipad and 81 additional parking spaces in early 2017.[/caption]

What we reported

In January 2016, changes were underway to double the size of the intensive care unit at St. David’s Georgetown Hospital as well as add five additional treatment areas to its emergency department. The hospital also replaced its MRI machine with a newer model.

The latest

In addition to the completion of the $7.7 million in expansions to the intensive care unit in May, a new emergency entrance opened directly off the I-35 frontage road in November. The new driveway and signs allow for improved and more visible access for emergency vehicles and patients. In November the hospital announced a $1.9 million plan to add a helicopter landing pad and additional parking.

What’s next

As of early January, hospital officials said the helipad is slated to be completed in early 2017. The helipad is expected to save time and resources when transporting critical patients, officials said.

St. David’s Georgetown hospital

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