5 notable business openings in Georgetown in 2017

1. St. David’s Georgetown hospital

St. David’s Georgetown Hospital St. David's Georgetown Hospital will add a helipad and 81 additional parking spaces in early 2017.[/caption]

What we reported

In January 2016, changes were underway to double the size of the intensive care unit at St. David’s Georgetown Hospital as well as add five additional treatment areas to its emergency department. The hospital also replaced its MRI machine with a newer model.

The latest

In addition to the completion of the $7.7 million in expansions to the intensive care unit in May, a new emergency entrance opened directly off the I-35 frontage road in November. The new driveway and signs allow for improved and more visible access for emergency vehicles and patients. In November the hospital announced a $1.9 million plan to add a helicopter landing pad and additional parking.

What’s next

As of early January, hospital officials said the helipad is slated to be completed in early 2017. The helipad is expected to save time and resources when transporting critical patients, officials said.

St. David’s Georgetown hospital

2000 Scenic Drive, Georgetown
512-943-3000 •  www.stdavids.com

2. Randalls

Randalls The Randalls coming to the Oak Meadow Marketplace will feature a Starbucks, floral section and gas station.[/caption]

What we reported

On May 10, the Georgetown City Council approved the annexation of 11.71 acres at 5721 Williams Drive.

The latest

In October, Randalls announced it would break ground on a 557,655-square-foot store, which will anchor the Oak Meadow Marketplace. The store will feature a Starbucks, drive-thru pharmacy and a deli. Store officials said they expect to hire about 165 full-time and part-time employees.

What’s next

As of early January, construction had not yet begun, but Randalls officials said they expect the store to be open by
fall 2017.


5721 Williams Drive, Georgetown
877-723-3929. • www.randalls.com

3. Rentsch Brewery

Rentsch Brewery After celebrating its first anniversary in August, Rentsch Brewery began an expansion to become three times bigger.[/caption]

What we reported

In August, Rentsch Brewery celebrated its first anniversary in Georgetown, and Rentsch officials announced they would triple the size of the 3,750-square-foot location. The expansion includes a new taproom and biergarten as well as increasing brewing capacity nearly twelvefold.

The latest

The brewery wrapped up construction on the 7,000-square-foot biergarten and taproom at the end of 2016.

What’s next

Plans for 2017 include brewing up to 16 styles of beer and expanding distribution to retailers by the end of the year.


2500 NE Inner Loop, Georgetown
512-688-5046 • www.rentschbrewery.com

4. Sincerely Yours 1848

Sincerely Yours 1848 Sincerely Yours 1848 is the first apparel store serving both men and women in the downtown area since 2003.[/caption]

What we reported

In October, Sincerely Yours 1848 opened the first men's and women’s apparel store in the downtown area of Georgetown since the early 2000s. The shop carries home goods, accessories
and clothing.

The latest

After opening, owner Daniel Solano said the store was planning on adding an area in the back with artificial grass and fencing that could be incorporated for outdoor use.

What’s next

In December, Solano said he is planning on using the outdoor space for classic movie nights, small acoustic performances and other events. Solano said he is working on getting these events planned and rolling out a calendar at the beginning of 2017.

Sincerely Yours 1848 map

809 Main St., Ste. B, Georgetown

5. Brookwood in Georgetown

Brookwood in Georgetown Brookwood in Georgetown moved in to its new 9,000-square-foot shop and cafe in May.[/caption]

What we reported

Brookwood in Georgetown moved into a new 9,000-square-foot facility in May. The cafe and shop provides an additional space for adults with special needs to participate in BiG’s vocational program. The BiG Cafe is located within the BiG Shop, which sells pottery, jewelry and personalized gifts created by the nonprofit’s employees, known as citizens.

The latest

In October, founder and Director Erin Kiltz said Brookwood was planning to build a greenhouse that would act as a retail venue for the 47 greenhouses at Brookwood in Houston and sell aquaponic lettuce and herbs to locals at its Georgetown location.

What’s next

As of January, the greenhouse was still under
construction. Kiltz said she and the citizens were striving toward the greenhouse being full of plants and gardening accessories and launching their aquaponic lettuce and herbs by spring 2017.

Brookwood in Georgetown map

905 N. Church St., Georgetown
512-966-7574 • www.brookwoodingeorgetown.org

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