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Georgetown Cyclewerx owner Paul Littlefield opened the store in January 2014.

Georgetown Cyclewerx owner Paul Littlefield opened the store in January 2014. (via Photo by David Weaver)

On April 25 cyclists will line up by the dozen to wind through Williamson County for the Red Poppy Ride, and although Georgetown Cyclewerx owner Paul Littlefield will not be on a bicycle, he is still gearing up for the event.

“The Red Poppy is our biggest thing that we support during the spring,” Littlefield said. “We have a tent, and people can bring their bike and get last-minute adjustments. Surprisingly we do a lot of that the morning of—whether it’s people have things go wrong, or they show up with equipment not ready to go.”

For Littlefield bicycles have always been more than just a hobby.

“I’ve been working full time in a bike shop since I was 19,” he said. “[And] I had experience before that because my family had a bike shop when I was a kid.”

Littlefield, a native of Wichita Falls, moved to Georgetown 10 years ago to operate a motorcycle shop with his father, he said.

The father-son duo purchased Central Texas Power Sports, and inside Littlefield ran his own bicycle shop until January 2014 when he opened Georgetown Cyclewerx.

“It got big enough to where I could move over here,” he said. “I like motorcycles, but I have to be playing with bicycles.”

With just one step into Georgetown Cyclewerx, customers are greeted by the scent of new rubber bicycle tires.

They can weave through the accessories and clothing and visit the full-service repair and maintenance shop in the back, or stop and check out the wall lined with bicycles for various skill levels and disciplines ranging from comfort riding to racing.

“We try to appeal to everybody,” he said.

Georgetown Cyclewerx also carries bicycles specifically for female riders with appropriate proportions and sizing.

“The company we deal with here, Specialized Bicycles, our main brand, they have a lot of really good specific equipment,” he said. “It’s more than just a cool color—they’re really trying to go after the best bike for women.”

Littlefield said the store carries adult entry-level bikes starting around $400 that are a step above the department store price but are better quality.

“We get it all the time: Someone will get a crummy bike that’s probably an OK bike from Wal-mart, but it doesn’t work—the people putting it together are not really dialed in,” he said. “I think if you put a little more into it, you’re going to get a little more out of it.”

Upcoming rides:

Georgetown Cyclewerx owner Paul Littlefield said he likes to help individuals train for area cycling races or simply enjoy time behind the handlebars through weekly rides and events.

April 25 Red Poppy Ride

  • The bike ride through Williamson County returns with 14-, 27-, 40-, 50-, 63- and 100-mile routes that begin at Georgetown High School. Proceeds benefit the Sertoma scholarship program for Georgetown ISD, Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center and Georgetown Police Department’s bicycle patrol unit. Early registration ends April 11. See Page 28 for more details about the event and information about the Red Poppy Festival.

Saturday ride

  • Each Saturday at 9 a.m. cyclists meet at Georgetown Cyclewerx for a 25- to 30-mile road cycling ride. Littlefield said these are beginner- to intermediate-level rides.

Women’s Day Ride

  • Two different routes are offered for a ride led by key women customers and employees. This year’s ride will be May 31. The free ride begins at the store at 9 a.m.

Georgetown Cyclewerx
3010 Williams Drive, Ste. 115
Hours: Tue.-Fri. 10 a.m.-7 p.m., Sat. 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

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