The Friendly Kitchen


December marked one year of business for Susan De Pauw’s catering enterprise The Friendly Kitchen, and a lot has changed, she said.

The company still provides dishes for clients with specialty diets and food allergies, but De Pauw has shifted her focus to children.

“I really want to focus more on doing consulting for families with children that have special needs and help them regulate and modify their diets, and help teach parents and children how food affects their behavior and ability to learn,” she said.

The Friendly Kitchen specializes in allergy-friendly comfort food and carries items such as gluten-free macaroni and cheese, vegan chocolate chip cookies and gluten-free and dairy-free Swedish meatballs.

“It’s all the food people miss when they go on specialty diets,” she said.

De Pauw initially planned on doing wholesale and farmers markets, but with her new focus she is mainly selling products on her own with a few items including her pancake mix that is sold at Monument Market.

The Friendly Kitchen no longer has a website, but orders can be placed by calling De Pauw at 512-998-2057 or emailing her at


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