The Daytripper

The Daytripper

Chet Garner spends time at the Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock while filming an episode of “The Daytripper” in August. (via Courtesy Todd White)

Chet Garners love of Texas and travel has taken him throughout the state on his television series The Daytripper.

The show is featured on PBS stations in 40 markets in 13 states, he said.

“People are just interested in Texas,” Garner said. “There is an infatuation people across the world have with Texas. Its an idea as much as it is a state, and there is something intriguing about that.”

Garner won his second Lone Star EMMY award as host of The Daytripper in October.

In 2012, Garner relocated his production company, Hogaboom Road Inc. to the Square. Two years later Garner moved to a larger spot on the Square to expand his operations.

The production team recently produced a documentary about former Texas Gov. Dan Moody for The Williamson Museum and is in production on a second television series named Foodfinder TX, a show featuring Texas dishes and ingredients. Garner said he hopes to premiere the show on PBS in 2015.

Along with expanding his on-screen presence, Garner launched an online store on his website offering The Daytripper T-shirts, hats, DVDs and coffee cups as well as other Texas goods, such as locally roasted coffee and artwork.
Twitter: @chettripper

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