A new cafe called Old Coyote Cafe will be opening near Bastrop this summer.

The cafe is locally owned by Roland Barrera, Dan Mages, James Stroud and Gabriel Taboada.

What's special about it?

Old Coyote Cafe will sell farm-to-table breakfast tacos such as beef chorizo and egg tacos, bean and cheese tacos, brisket tacos and more. The cafe will also offer a selection juices and coffee.

"If we're not growing it ourselves or raising the livestock ourselves then everything is going to be locally sourced, all organic products," Taboada said.

On the weekend, Old Coyote Cafe will have an empanada special and sell birria and barbacoa empanadas.

What else?

Taboada said they are also working on building a full farm-to-table restaurant down the road, and hope to create a "community hub" with multiple dome style villas for overnight stay options.

"We just fell in love with the land out here and just wanted to create something that people could come and kind of get the same thing that we were getting while we were out here," Taboada said.
  • Opening in late June or early July
  • 142 Northside Lane, Cedar Creek
  • Instagram: oldcoyotecafe