For those looking to kick-start their fitness journey, Alloy Personal Training is the perfect place to start.

Located at 16 Village Lane, Ste. 150, Colleyville, the business prioritizes small, personalized sessions that focus on full-body strength training while incorporating cardio and mobility.

“It's literally the best value: You're getting everything in that one session, but we are able to tailor and customize it to the client in front of us,” director of training Stephanie Lund said.

Since opening in February, Alloy Personal Training has helped numerous clients reach not only their fitness goals, but also introduced a sense of community to help keep them accountable.

“Personal goals are very different for some people. It could be I want to lose 10 pounds, or I want to be able to get up and down out of a chair without pain,” owner Mike Thompson said. “We also see a lot of community being formed and friendships being developed, and that's what really can help motivate people.”

Since most clients have these unique goals, each session always looks a little different in terms of what exercises are being assigned. At the end of each session, clients complete what’s called an “emotional exercise.”

These exercises can range from mastering a pushup to doing bicep work or just simply stretching. Each workout also includes a cardio finisher to get their heart rate up at the end.

This unique way of structuring the sessions has seen a tremendous impact on the clients who attend Alloy Personal Training.

“I’ve been a member of Alloy Personal Training for two months and can feel a difference in my strength,” client Jessica Rossy said. “Alloy is a wonderful place to get dedicated attention with true professionals to help achieve your own goals. I’ve always felt supported by the very kind and knowledgeable trainers. I’ve even made some new friends by joining this club. I’m so happy to be a member, and I would recommend Alloy to anyone and everyone who is looking for personal training."

Along with seeing physical results, clients have also experienced finding a community of like-minded individuals who help keep them motivated.

This is also achieved through the monthly accountability sessions that Lund and Thompson complete with each client. Through these sessions, Lund and Thompson are able to check in with each person and make sure they are on the right track when it comes to completing their goals, or adjusting them if they’ve already been completed.

“I joined Alloy in January 2024 when they opened, and my experience has exceeded expectations in every way. The workouts are well designed and well coached,” client Rob Scott said. “On top of that, there is a community vibe that keeps me looking forward to the next workout. I especially appreciate how easy it has been to flex the timing of my sessions to accommodate my travel schedule.”

Ready to start your own personal fitness journey? Stop by Alloy Personal Training or call 817-646-9404 to get started today.

The above story was produced by Community Impact's Senior Multi Platform Journalist Sierra Rozen with information solely provided by the local business as part of its "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.