The University of Texas at Austin High School Special Purpose District is a school district that offers flexible virtual programs to help students with unique learning situations not only in Texas but across the globe.

As UT High School enters its 25th year of serving students, Community Impact sat down with Assistant Director of District Programs Melissa Freeman to learn more about the programs they offer.

What is the general overview of UT High School?

UT High School is a K-12 Special Purpose school district. Our motto is that we exist to fill the gaps across the state for both districts and families. We provide resources and support for districts, and provide an option for students in which attending a traditional brick-and-mortar school isn't feasible for a myriad of reasons.

What programs are offered?

We offer K-12 credit by exams for students to both accelerate and recover credit to move from one grade to the next for the younger students, or accelerate through high school courses to graduate early and earn additional credits in preparation for college. We offer online high school courses, which is a complement to our full-time online high school program. We also offer K-12 professional development for teachers and facilitate the on-site and online Advanced Placement Summer Institute for Teachers in Texas. Finally, we offer three online high school options.

The Texas High School program:
  • For high school age students or high school eligible students that reside in the state of Texas
  • Free tuition as we receive funding from TEA
Online International High School:
  • For students anywhere outside Texas
  • Tuition-based
Empower Academy:
  • For adult learners that are wanting to come back and earn their high school diploma or obtain their GED
What are the benefits of these programs?

I would say the biggest benefit in any of our programs is that we provide a certain level of flexibility for students, whether it's the adult learner, the teacher or the actual high school-age student.

How does this help students prepare for college?

Our initial focus was for the students that were trying to accelerate. We're not a credit recovery high school program, and we are a full high school program. All of our courses are written by Texas certified teachers. All of our Advanced Placement courses are audited and approved by the College Board. Our program really lends itself to all students that are looking for something, where they can take that initiative and that drive that they have to complete their schooling. We find a lot of our students graduate with the skills that are needed to be successful in college, whether it's because they've already done rigorous curriculum, or because they also had to learn how to self motivate and build a type of motivation. We’re creating a well-rounded student that is self-sufficient in their educational path.

How can students get enrolled and learn more?

For students that are independent learners wanting to take one or two courses with us to accelerate, are able to purchase courses through the online shopping cart getting immediate access. Students looking to enroll in our full-time diploma program are able to register on our website.

We also hold weekly live informational webinars on Wednesdays at 11:30 a.m.,hosted by one of our administrators. An overview of each of our programs is provided so students and families can determine which option suits their needs.

Ready to enroll in UT High School? Visit the website to learn more.

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