When the unexpected happens, Family Emergency Room at Georgetown is open and ready to help your family.

Family Emergency Room at Georgetown is a state-of-the-art, physician-owned and operated, fully equipped emergency room. It is conveniently located next to Wolf Ranch Walgreens at 1210 W. University Ave. It is always open 24/7, 365 days a year, without wait times, and ready to serve the community’s needs. The physicians, Dr. John Valentini, Dr. Ryan Prudoff, and Dr. Rick Daniels are all board-certified emergency physicians with a combined total of 60 years of experience in Emergency Medicine.

The practice is unique, as every patient is treated only by an experienced board-certified Emergency Physician who provides the highest quality care and personalized attention patients deserve. This beautiful Georgetown facility treats children and adults in a comfortable, private setting that truly puts patients first.

The facility is fully equipped with a laboratory, advanced CT scanner, X-ray, ultrasound, EKG, PCR testing and medications. All employees are experienced emergency medicine nurses and technicians, who are well versed in acute care. The practice cares for all ailments and performs extensive diagnostics and treatments.

In the event a patient requires hospital admission, the doctor streamlines the process by handling every aspect of their patient’s admission, from obtaining an inpatient bed, to coordinating care directly with the admitting doctors and consultants to maximize patient safety and comfort.

A standout service provided by the Family Emergency Room at Georgetown is Coronary CT Angiography, a non-invasive procedure that allows for the detailed visualization of the heart’s arteries, read by dedicated cardiologists and radiologists to determine the origin of a patient’s chest pain.

“Being able to rule out coronary artery disease as the cause of chest pain is extremely valuable and typically saves our patients a hospital admission and multiple outpatient visits,” Dr. Daniels said. “Patients can go home with peace of mind.”

Family Emergency Room at Georgetown collaborates with local like-minded specialists who understand the importance of evaluating and treating patients quickly after their ER visit. Patients are provided with a personal scheduler ensuring prompt specialist follow-up care.

Dr. Valentini compares the patient’s experience at Family Emergency Room at Georgetown to having a trusted long-term family doctor who takes the time and care to address all concerns and questions. Patients are seen immediately by a doctor, and do not spend time waiting for care or results.

“We treat patients in a calm and comfortable setting, provide first-rate care, and result tests promptly,” Dr. Valentini said. “Patients deserve personal attention, and high-quality care from a board-certified physician. After a visit, patients can access their physician easily by cell phone, text, or email for follow-up care or questions. I enjoy talking with patients after their visit and providing any additional help they may require, whether it is answering questions, modifying a treatment plan, or assisting them with follow up care. Our practice takes pride in being accessible and advocating for our patients, which are services that are greatly appreciated.”

Doctors and staff take time to build rapport with every patient, ensuring they feel supported throughout their visit.

"I wanted to practice personalized emergency medicine in an environment that would allow me to spend as much time with my patients as needed,” Dr. Prudoff said. “This is an exceptional facility that allows me to truly focus on my patient’s needs, ensuring effective treatments while allowing me to know my fellow neighbor. Patients also appreciate the technology we employ, including online and iPad check-in, and our Patient Portal which contains test results and viewable radiology images.”

Family Emergency Room Georgetown has more than 1,300 5-star Google reviews. This is a testament to the quality of care and excellent patient experiences.

“We are honored to serve as a trusted community partner for Williamson County and the surrounding area,” Dr. Prudoff said.

As Georgetown residents, Dr. Valentini, Dr. Prudoff, and Dr. Daniels are dedicated to the local community they serve and live in. The doctors and staff partner with local communities to sponsor CPR classes, food drives, and holiday toy drives.

Family Emergency Room at Georgetown offers a level of care that is personal, comprehensive, and compassionate. With experienced physician leadership, and its state-of-the-art facility, this practice stands out as the premier provider for attentive acute care. As the practice continues to serve the community, it does so with the promise of excellence and the assurance that here, you are family.

To discover how Family Emergency Room at Georgetown can assist with your medical needs, please call anytime to speak with one of the doctors at 512-690-4590 or visit the website at www.GeorgetownFamilyER.com.

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