For empty-nesters seeking community and the freedom of a maintenance-free lifestyle, Amberlin Pflugerville offers the best of both worlds.

The active adult living community provides community members with plenty to do and see as well as peers of the same age group.

Active adult living does not include a meal plan or transportation. Instead, community members in the community can enjoy exploring different classes and activities, visiting the surrounding areas and building lasting friendships.

The main difference between independent living and active adult living is that independent living options still tend to have on-site support services, which can make the cost of living there more expensive for community members who don’t need those services.

Lifestyle and engagement programming

Sales Specialist Nickolas Moore said the Amberlin Pflugerville community is filled with a lively presence and has a welcoming presence.

"There is a lively energy present throughout our community," Moore said. "Our dedicated lifestyle and engagement team works diligently to curate programming that keeps residents actively involved and socially connected, which in turn maintains an atmosphere of liveliness and vibrance."

Amberlin Pflugerville has a variety of community member-led events including a gardening club, arts and crafts club, a bingo club, poker club and a bible study group.

Amberlin Pflugerville's next big event is its First Responders Charity Pickleball Tournament, which is being hosted in partnership with sister property Amberlin Georgetown. The tournament will feature teams of the community members and first responders from both Amberlin Pflugerville and Amberlin Georgetown competing against each other. Amberlin Pflugerville will be hosting the championship game for the tournament at their property, and the event is being held for charity purposes.

The First Responders Charity Pickleball Tournament will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on June 28th, and all proceeds from the event will be donated to local charities. First responders from Amberlin Pflugerville and Amberlin Georgetown, along with their families and friends, are warmly invited to attend and participate in a day of pickleball, live music, and food. Those interested in signing up can do so by emailing [email protected].

Resident success story

Moore said one of the most recent wins he’s seen for a resident was making the move from assisted living to active adult living.

"At 95 years old, she moves with the energy of someone decades younger and speaks with the vibrance of someone in their 20s," Moore said.

After spending two years in assisted living, her family recognized that she no longer required that level of support.

Following her attendance at a community potluck, Moore said she was immediately captivated.

“She relished the opportunity to engage with the other community members, and she's able to remain close to home,” Moore said. “Plus, her family is thrilled with the welcoming community."

The benefits of active adult living

Moore said for those who are looking for community, active adult living is important because community members can be around people in their age group.

In addition, the Amberlin Pflugerville staff is very active and interacts with residents and community members daily.

“We’re having conversations at our coffee club in the morning, and we’re playing pickleball on Fridays with the pickleball team,” Moore said.

Community members living at Amberlin Pflugerville will have a sense of community and an active, engaging lifestyle to continue learning and growing.

“Community Members living at Amberlin Pflugerville will have a sense of community and an active, engaging lifestyle to continue learning and growing with events such as Brain Games, or Stretching Workshops,” Moore said.

Looking to move?

For those who are ready to make the move, Moore said he recommends visiting the community to see all that it has to offer.

Amberlin Pflugerville also works to set community members up for a successful transition to active adult living, and the community member-led Welcome Wagon Club shows new community members around, walks them to their unit and shows them how appliances work.

Ready to make the move? For more information about Amberlin Pflugerville, visit the website. Prospective community members can also call 737-265-7116 for more details and stay updated on all the latest news on the Amberlin Pflugerville Facebook page.

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