For adults ready to be surrounded by comfort and community, Solea Lewisville is the perfect place to live.

Residents of the 55-plus community will enjoy apartment living surrounded by peers of the same age and participate in a variety of enriching activities, classes and events.

The biggest difference between independent living and active adult living is the on-site support services. Independent living options tend to have several on-site support services, like meals, transportation and housekeeping, which can make the cost of living there more expensive for residents who don’t need all those services.

“We would rather provide resources for people who need support occasionally rather than constant on-site service for people who don’t need or want to pay for them,” Witmer said. “However, we do have a few great resources for those who are perhaps recovering from a surgery or need home meals or transportation, or housekeeping for a short period of time.

Lifestyle and engagement programming

Sales Specialist Kathy Witmer said Solea Lewisville has an extensive lifestyle and engagement program to keep residents living happy, healthy and active lives.

Witmer said active adult living is a nice alternative between independent living and multifamily living. It’s a maintenance-free lifestyle for people who don’t want to own a home anymore, but still want to remain active surrounded by peers of their age. Residents also get to engage in programming with their peers and connect on different interests.

“Our lifestyle and engagement team is a group of super creative people in the corporate office who create the events on our calendar,” Witmer said. “We have a wide variety of events, and we’re always learning something new.”

Solea Lewisville encourages residents to start their own programs and teach their peers skills and knowledge. Currently, Solea Lewisville has resident-led meditation groups, walking groups and card-playing classes learning new ways to relax, play and strengthen their bodies. The Community also offers educational programming each month and refers community members to a local college for classes that are free of charge for seniors.

Story from a resident

Witmer said all Solea Lewisville residents see success.

The no. 1 reason people move to communities like Solea Lewisville is to be closer to their families and grandchildren.

“That pulls at my heartstrings most—when residents are able to move somewhere they are supported and uplifted by their community and get to be close to their families...that’s the heart of our mission,” Witmer said.

In addition to being closer to the people who matter most, Witmer said she also notices the relief that residents feel when they let go of a large house with both a pool and a yard and the maintenance that comes along.

One of the residents at Solea Lewisville used to live out in the country and was very isolated from people. After moving to Solea Lewisville, she shows up to every one of the community’s events and enjoys helping to set up and even clean up too. She is now so happy and fully engaged in the community around her!

“These are the things that lead to a longer, happier life,” Witmer said.

Looking to move?

For those who are ready to make the move, Witmer said she recommends looking for tenured staff with experience in the active adult industry.

“I always recommend that people step inside an active adult living community and attend an event to meet some of the residents,” Witmer said. “Make sure this is the right community for you.”

If Solea Lewisville isn’t quite the right fit, staff can oftentimes still help individuals find somewhere that fits their lifestyle needs.

Ready to make the move? For more information about Solea Lewisville, visit the website. Prospective residents can also call 469-436-6176 for more details and stay updated on all the latest news on the Solea Lewisville Facebook page.

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