KE System Services Inc., a women-owned and faith-driven HVAC business, is changing how restaurants handle kitchen grease with their innovative product, The Bear Unit.

Founded in 2016 by Sabrina and Arthur Medina, KE System Services Inc. stands out for its commitment to faith and doing business as a ministry.

“Being a women-owned business helps us get noticed, and our faith guides everything we do,” Sabrina, President of KE System Services said. “We give God the glory and focus on providing superior customer service.”

The company works on commercial kitchen exhaust ventilation systems in the Greater Houston area, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Austin and San Antonio. While doing this work, Arthur noticed a big problem: grease buildup on restaurant rooftops. This grease creates fire hazards and damages roofs, costing restaurant owners and property management companies a lot of money.

“Restaurant owners can end up paying huge amounts to clean their grease-covered rooftops,” Arthur, steward and CEO of KE System Services explained. “The Bear Unit solves this problem effectively without all the expensive maintenance fees.”

The Bear Unit was created with the help of Joe Davis, steward and CEO of Eldridge USA. It captures and contains grease from kitchen exhaust systems, filtering and capturing the grease in containers instead of letting it spread everywhere. This makes disposal easy and keeps rooftops clean.

“We faced similar problems with oil drilling platforms. Diesel spray, like grease presented a problem,” Davis said. “Through our innovative approach, we were able to create a safer, cleaner environment. We patented The Bear Unit, and while others have imitated it, we chose not to take legal action. We see it as a service to improve safety standards in the industry.”

The Bear Unit not only eliminates fire hazards but also protects AC systems from grease damage, saving restaurants money on repairs. The product can be custom fitted to any kitchen system, and KE System Services Inc. provides full installation and maintenance services.

“We put God first in everything we do,” Sabrina said. “It’s His company, and we are just stewards of His work.”

For restaurant owners interested in The Bear Unit or other services from KE System Services Inc., visit the website or call 281-815-7901.

The above story was produced by Community Impact's Senior Multi Platform Journalist Sierra Rozen with information solely provided by the local business as part of its "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.