Owners of Fox Travel The Woodlands Donna Daniels and Jim Bailey have traveled to every continent in the world and visited over 100 countries.

Daniels and Bailey first met in the Houston airport while on their way to a scuba trip.

“I asked Donna to borrow a pen to fill out my travel documents and the rest is history,” Bailey said. “The boarding gate where we met is the gate where we got married a few years later.”

The couple bought the Fox Travel location from the previous owner in 1984 and have been helping plan memorable vacations for clients ever since.

What sets Fox Travel apart is the team’s ability to create specialized packages tailored to the client’s interests. In addition to arranging cruises and pre-planned tour packages, the team meets with clients to gain insight into their travel “wish list,” length of the trip, budget and any must-see destinations. Because of the Fox Travel team’s experience, they are able to give personalized recommendations for almost any destination in the world.

“One of our strongest talents is that between the seven of us, we've probably visited 170 countries,” Bailey said. “We've been doing this for 40 years... [We can] customize some pretty exotic places all over the world.”

Individuals may be tempted to book a bus tour where they’ll get to see as much as possible, but Daniels and Bailey encourage their clients to make a smaller list of sight-seeing destinations, instead of running from one activity to another.

“We strongly suggest you start with eight [days] at a minimum and maybe go up to 10 so you can enjoy the destinations or cruise ports of call instead of dashing from one stop to the next, seeing what they have and taking the pictures,” Daniels said. “Travel is not all about the pictures. It's about the experience and interacting with the locals.”

Another advantage to booking a trip with Fox Travel is that individuals can visit the office in-person to book their vacation.

“We've been in the same location for 36 of the 40 years and Fox Travel is one of the very few brick-and-mortar travel companies between Houston and Dallas,” Bailey said. “It's pretty nice to have people come in and visit.”

Daniels said one of the most rewarding aspects of her job is getting to see individuals experience destinations and activities for the first time.

“We tell somebody what to expect and then if they're on a group trip with us, we get to watch them discover the things we shared with them,” Daniels said. “Witnessing their responses and enjoyment...that is our greatest reward.”

In addition to Daniels and Bailey’s personal travel experiences, the Fox Travel team has five additional travel experts.

“Our staff is terrific,” Bailey said. “We wouldn't be here without our staff and they are just absolutely top notch. We even have other travel agents refer people to us because we've got the experience.”

Ready to plan your dream vacation? Book a trip with Fox Travel today. Individuals can visit the Fox Travel office at 25701 Interstate 45 N, Ste. 3A, The Woodlands. To learn more about Fox Travel, visit the business’ website.

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