The Learning Experience in Southlake stands out from the rest because of its unique way of learning.

Started in 2002, The Learning Experience utilizes characters to help make learning fun for children, with each character teaching a different life skill. Opened in 2023, The Southlake location, located at 100 River Oaks Drive, is one of many The Learning Experience locations that feature these branded characters in their curriculum.

Some of the characters include:
  • Bubbles the Elephant: The Learning Experience’s beloved mascot
  • Grace The Greyhound and Charity Chihuahua: teaches the importance of generosity and giving through philanthropy
  • Flexi Flamingo: teaches the benefits of an active lifestyle by sharing the joys of fitness and making healthy choices
  • Lionstein: helps children explore the power of STEM learning through self-discovery and problem-solving
  • Phoebe Phonics: instills a passion for reading in little learners through The Learning Experience’s early literacy program
  • Two Plus Toucan: teaches the wonders of math
  • Penny Polite: teaches the importance of having manners
  • Bongo Bear: helps children recognize instruments, explore rhythms and discover the joy of music
  • Tito Toro and Ping Panda: teaches different cultures and foreign languages
  • Pablo Pigasso: helps children discover the beauty of self-expression through the power of art
  • Techni Cal: helps children explore the power of STEM through technology and innovation
  • Gibby Gibbon: teaches our little learners how to communicate with sign language
  • Sonar the Submarine: teaches about the magic of our underwater worlds
The Learning Experience’s cast of unique, beloved characters each represent a specific curriculum purpose, designed to empower every child to learn through play, exploration and hands-on activities, enabling the children to develop mastery in a fun and engaging manner.

“Each character has a purpose and intention. The characters bring the learning to life for the children and they really respond well to it,” Center Director Gerri Kelley said. “It is research-backed that children just respond well to the use of the characters. It's a very effective tool.”

Additionally, The Learning Experience offers seasonal Enrichment Programs as part of their entire curriculum offering, at no additional cost to the family. The enrichment sessions are an extension of the day-to-day curriculum with programs like music, engineering and fitness. The enrichment sessions include take-home kits for each child at the end of each session, providing a home-to-school connection for the child and parent allowing the continuation of the child’s passion outside of the classroom.

As soon as the children step through the doors, they are surrounded by all of the characters. These characters go beyond the classroom, into the world of Happyville, via The Learning Experience’s award-winning YouTube series, “Bubbles and Friends,” crafted by experts in childhood development and kids’ entertainment. Families are encouraged to watch and engage with the series to continue lessons outside of the classroom.

The Learning Experience accepts children from ages six weeks old to 5-year-olds, and is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. The childcare center is also gearing up for the Summer of Happiness program.

The summer program is extended for kids up to 12, and is running June 3 until Aug. 9. All of the summer events will be on-site, and parents can pick and choose what weeks they want their kids to attend. Similar to the school year, all meals are provided during the program.

Summer activities include:
  • petting zoo
  • reptile visitor
  • face painters
  • spin art
  • storytellers
  • on-site splash pad
  • cooking projects
  • technology projects
“We just really want to give the kids a wide variety of activities for the summer,” Kelley said.

Interested in enrolling your children at The Learning Experience? Stop by their office or call 682-593-0057 to schedule a tour of the facility.

The above story was produced by Community Impact's Senior Multi Platform Journalist Sierra Rozen with information solely provided by the local business as part of its "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.