The Colleyville Center is more than an event venue; it’s a place where individuals can connect and exchange ideas to better the Colleyville community.

Chelsea Rose, who handles community engagement and economic development for the city, compared the Colleyville Center to a community living room. Located at 5301 Riverwalk Drive, the Colleyville Center serves as a meeting space for city council, business owners, resident organizations and more.

“This office right here is where a lot of our program ideas come from and where we brainstorm different things that we want to do for our businesses in town,” Rose said. “One of my team members, her title is sales and hospitality coordinator, because not only does she sell the space, but she also welcomes people into the space and gives them an environment in which they can exchange those ideas.”

The city’s restaurant gift card program is one example of a collaboration that came about through the Colleyville Center. Rose said the city team was thinking about the city’s restaurants and how to help increase business during slow months. They took an existing program and tweaked it to create something new.

“What I love is, those passing meetings where you see someone and go, ‘Oh, I have an idea,’” Rose said. “That works so well in this space because everyone is here for something ...We're in the room with the people who get the things done.”

Because residents come to the Colleyville Center frequently for club or committee meetings, they are in a space where they feel comfortable and this allows new ideas to form.

“You're among friends, family and neighbors, and you're comfortable here,” Rose said. “It almost provides an informal environment for formal ideas, and then the formation of ideas.”

Because the Colleyville Center is also an event venue, staff members are able to connect clients with local businesses. For example, when a couple books the center for a wedding, staff members recommend local restaurants and vendors to the wedding party and guests. This helps enhance the client’s experience and drives economic growth.

In addition to weddings, the Colleyville Center has hosted chamber luncheons, high school sports banquets, state of the city presentations, homeowners association meetings, dance recitals, parent-teacher association galas, celebrations of life and more.

The Colleyville Center is integral in the growth of the Colleyville community as a whole.

“From my perspective, businesses are made up of people who have families that are doing other things in the community as well, so when businesses thrive, families thrive and communities thrive,” Rose said.

Want to host your event or club at The Colleyville Center? Visit the website to learn more.

The above story was produced by Multi-platform Journalist Mary Katherine Shapiro with Community Impact's Storytelling team with information solely provided by the local business as part of their "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.