MyEyeDr. is committed to helping patients by providing patients with personalized eye care experiences with trusted local optometrists. With expert care and a focus on eye health, patients can see well and live their best lives.

Dr. Fach’s practice is equipped with the latest in vision care technology, staffed with compassionate, knowledgeable optometrists and eyewear consultants and carries a wide selection of quality eyewear, and the MyEyeDr. location in Humble is no exception.

In this Q&A, Dr. William Fach, one of the optometrists at the MyEyeDr. Humble location provides insight into his eye care philosophy and experience with MyEyeDr.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in Eye Health?

Dr. Fach: I have been in this field for half a century now—a lifetime. My best friend's dad was the town optometrist back in Indiana. We went through school together, even optometry training, and it just clicked for me more than it did for him. Turns out, I had a knack for it, and I loved every minute. It feels wonderful when you get to do something you are good at and genuinely enjoy.

Why did you choose to work at MyEyeDr?

Dr. Fach: My career path took a few interesting turns. I started in a strictly medical environment in the Air Force—think checkups and exams, but no glasses or contacts. Then it was general medicine for a good 15 to 20 years, followed by another long stretch in ophthalmology. MyEyeDr. is a whole different world. The focus is squarely on the patient experience and helping folks live their best lives. That is perfectly in line with how I see my role as an eye care provider. Here, I can zero in on giving my patients the absolute best care. It is exactly what I was looking for, and I am thrilled to have all this support and innovative technology to truly make a difference for them.

Why is Eye Health so important?

Dr. Fach: Our sight is how we navigate the world. Think about how dogs rely on their noses—for us, it is our eyes. Vision is more than important, it is fundamental. Sure, other senses play a role, but when you cannot see well, life gets harder. We use our eyes for everything: getting around, learning, you name it. Think of all the books, screens, and information we take in visually. Hearing is crucial too, but vision is how we process so much of our world. If you are struggling to see clearly, it impacts everything from schoolwork to sports, even hanging out with friends and family.

What are the essential steps to ensuring healthy vision at every age?

Dr. Fach: The most common vision problem is simple: our eyes just get out of focus. Thankfully, glasses or contacts fix that for most people. It is the medical problems such as things wrong with the structure of the eye itself that are tougher to handle. Naturally, we tend to see a lot more of those medical issues as folks get older. Things like cataracts, where the lens gets cloudy happens to everyone eventually. It's like gray hair—nobody loves it, but it is an unpleasant fact.

Certain lifestyle issues can affect vision like smoking. One huge shift I have seen is the sheer amount of time we all spend staring at screens. Now, screens themselves will not damage your eyes, but all that close-up focus puts a real strain on them, leading to major discomfort. When I started, nobody was glued to a screen because they did not exist. Dealing with screen-related eye strain is a whole new challenge. It is fascinating and a bit daunting to see this evolve over my career.

What are the signs and risk factors of eye disease and how can you prevent them?

Dr. Fach: Sudden vision changes are an easy decision—get those checked out immediately. However, conditions like cataracts sneak up on you. The lens clouds so gradually, your brain compensates, and you may not even realize what you are missing. That is why those yearly exams are crucial—they catch what you cannot. I've had countless patients who swore their vision was fine, only to be impressed by how much better they see with glasses or contacts. Your eyes are a window into your whole body. They are the only place we can directly see nerves and blood vessels at work. If something's off there, chances are it is impacting other systems too. We spot signs of high blood pressure, high cholesterol... sometimes even undiagnosed diabetes shows up in an eye exam first. Your eyes tell a story about your overall health.

With the summer months upon us, we often remember to protect our skin but not our eyes. What are your tips for how to protect our eyes from sun damage?

Dr. Fach: Sunglasses are your best friend around water, snow, and those super bright concrete roads. All that reflected light means extra UV rays hitting your eyes. Your car windshield has you covered, but step outside, and it is smart to protect those eyes. UV protection is an easy decision for long-term eye health. UV light, which is invisible rays down from the sun, takes a toll on our eyes over time. We are talking about everything from sunburn-like irritation to a higher risk of cataracts and growths. While the dangers might take years to show up, playing it smart with sunglasses is a win-win: comfort now, protection for the future.

Tell me more about the MyEyeDr Difference.

Dr. Fach: My medical background means I am passionate about comprehensive eye care, and that's exactly what MyEyeDr. delivers. We have the most innovative technology and skilled eye doctors, part of a far-reaching effort to improve vision care. Our practices offer patients full-service eye care that meets their unique vision, health, and financial needs.

MyEyeDr. practices offer patients full-service eye care that meets patients' unique vision, health and financial needs. The company is committed to making eye care accessible to everyone. MyEyeDr. accepts all major insurance plans and offers affordable payment options for those without insurance.

Don't delay your eye health. Schedule your comprehensive exam at MyEyeDr. today.

Visit the Humble MyEyeDr. location at 20811 Hwy 59 N. See the website for more information.

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