Since 1995, Vasquez Taekwondo Academy has been building individuals’ character by teaching martial arts in McKinney.

The Vasquez family founded the taekwondo academy after noticing the positive impact learning the sport had on their own lives. The business started out in a small space inside Northstar Gymnastics in 1995. Within six months, Vasquez Taekwondo Academy moved to a 6,000 square-foot facility at 113 Ste. B. Industrial Blvd. This was the business’ home for 13 years. During that same period, the business offered courses at the McKinney Family YMCA at

Stonebridge. After outgrowing the Industrial Blvd. location, Vasquez Taekwondo Academy moved into its current headquarters location at 2050 Alma Road, McKinney.

Although the studio has changed locations, the staff’s commitment to the community has remained the same. Students at Vasquez Taekwondo Academy learn more than how to fight—they learn important life skills like confidence and discipline.

“We have been doing summer camps and after school programs for many years, and between ages six to 12 is where we can really influence children in the community,” said CEO Julian Vasquez Sr. “When children feel good about themselves, that's what opens them up to really become a better version of themselves.”

The studio offers classes for individuals of all ages and skill levels as well as hosting birthday parties, summer camps and after-school programs. Senior Instructor Julian Vasquez Jr. said there is something for everyone in the art of taekwondo.

“Sometimes we have children who are very artistic and they really lean towards the weaponry side, or the form side—trying to stretch and know themselves better,” Vasquez Jr. said. “Then you've got other kids like myself who are a little bit more competitive [and are drawn to] the sports side.”

Another great aspect of taekwondo is that it’s a sport individuals can participate in no matter their age.

“We've got children who are five years old training in this gym, and students who are 75 years old,” Vasquez Sr. said. “Taekwondo is really good physically, mentally and spiritually.”

Vasquez Taekwondo Academy sets itself apart from other martial arts gyms in the community by having multiple black-belt level instructors.

“I am an eighth degree black belt, which means that I've been training for over 30 years,” Vasquez Sr. said. “Typically, each martial arts center might have one master instructor, which means that they've been training and educating themselves for 15 years. We have seven master instructors.”

Additionally, Vasquez Taekwondo Academy is certified through the World Taekwondo Federation.

Parents who are looking for fun summer activities for their children can take advantage of Vasquez Taekwondo Academy’s summer camps. The studio’s camps offer children a community of support, kindness, respect and friendship. Children can learn martial arts in a safe and fun environment.

Vasquez Taekwondo Academy’s summer camps are a great way to introduce taekwondo to children who are interested in the sport, but aren’t ready to commit to a class program. To enroll in a class today, visit the studio’s website.

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