When it comes to wills and estates, it’s important for individuals to start planning early. Sheehan Law has 20 years of experience of helping individuals with estate planning, wills, trusts, and probate.

Attorney Farren Sheehan said she was drawn to the field of estate planning after seeing her grandmother be taken advantage of financially.

“That’s when I decided I wanted to go into Estate Planning to protect people from being exploited at the end of their life,” Sheehan said.

Sheehan's practice encompasses a spectrum of services, including estate planning, wills, trusts, probate, and real estate transactions. She emphasizes the need for informed decision-making, particularly in the realm of estate planning, where default laws can have significant ramifications in the absence of a comprehensive plan.

For example, if either spouse in a married couple has a child from another relationship and does not have a will, the spouse inherits almost nothing—not even the marital home.

“That's something that shocks so many people... they assume that because they were married that everything would go to the spouse and it just doesn't,” Sheehan said. “We try and inform people about what can happen so that they can make informed decisions.”

Because Sheehan has been practicing law for 20 years, she has the knowledge and experience to provide the best service to her clients.

Sheehan knows that each individual’s circumstance is unique, so she takes a personalized approach to ensure the individual has an ideal plan for their needs. Whether safeguarding assets for future generations or making sure pets are taken care of, Sheehan Law addresses each aspect of its client’s wishes.

Sheehan Law is a small, locally owned law firm, which means clients get customized assistance with all their legal needs.

“We've been in Pflugerville since 2004,” Sheehan said. I actually grew up in Pflugerville so this is my community. I'm the presiding municipal judge and I have an invested interest in caring for our people here in our community. We are a smaller firm and we make sure that we have one-on-one time [with all our clients].”

Sheehan also makes herself available to her clients and encourages clients to contact her office to schedule a time to discuss any questions as estate planning can be a challenging process.

“They can reach us easily and get those changes made if they ever have questions,” Sheehan said. “After they pass, if their children have questions, we're always here to guide them. We are happy to talk them through any kind of administration process.”

Some individuals want to avoid probate, and Sheehan Law can assist with that and walk clients through the process.

“There are some attorneys who really try to terrify clients about probate,” Sheehan said. “with a well-drafted will, probate is not something to be afraid of.”

Sheehan also shares blog articles on her website to help clients understand other common legal misconceptions and make the best plan for their situation.

Need help with an Estate Plan or Probate? To contact Sheehan Law or learn more about the practice, visit the practice’s website.

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