After 25 years of service in the Air Force, Christopher Cantu’s commitment to serving others found a new avenue of expression when he established the Georgetown branch of Kingsview Partners in 2023.

In his role as fiduciary, a trustee who manages someone’s money or property for their benefit, Chris brings not only a wealth of experience but also a deep-seated sense of duty and service that has been the cornerstone of his life and career.

“If you had to put one word on my tombstone, it would simply say ‘servant,’” he said. “That’s truly who I am, as service is a noble calling.”

During his tenure as Commander, Colonel Cantu’s job was to prepare men and women for combat—but he also readied them for life beyond the military, including advising them on family and financial preparedness.

“When people came into my office, [it was] almost always [about] personal matters, and the leading one was finances,” he said. “It was simply articulating the importance of thinking about your future and taking care of people.”

Chris brings ten years of advisory experience to his clients, empowering them to take control of their financial futures with confidence and clarity. Whether it’s retirement planning, investment strategies or risk management, he readies his clients to navigate life’s complexities.

Chris’s values and client-centric approach

Fiduciaries are legally bound to provide clients with the highest level of care, but for Chris, financial planning is not just about numbers and portfolios—it’s about walking alongside individuals and families to help them reach their goals and aspirations, and to live their life on their terms.

Chris serves “his five C’s,” which he describes as the guiding purpose in his life: church, country, community, clients, and the Cantu clan. Likewise, he has four things he values in clients:
  1. “Can we get along?” What sets him apart is his emphasis on building meaningful connections with his clients, grounded in mutual respect and understanding. His approach is not one-size-fits-all but tailored to each client’s unique circumstances.
  2. “Can we philosophically agree on how to invest your money?” Chris recalls a phrase he would give Airmen before going into combat for the first time, “Only take as much risk as you need to accomplish the mission.”
  3. “You’ve got to take some of my advice but not all of it. Otherwise, you’re paying me for no reason,” he said.
  4. “Will you return my call?” Clients have 24/7 access to Chris, and when they call, he prides himself on knowing their lives.
As a physical reminder of his values, Chris keeps a coin in his pocket which he gives clients. The values are service before self, integrity, excellence, stewardship and moral courage.

“When I first started in this business, I was shocked at the level of pessimism I heard. I want people to have hope,” he said. “I do believe in our future. I’ve been around the world and seen lots of bad things, and despite what we hear, I believe in our country, our economy and especially our people.”

How Kingsview Partners can help

In a world where financial literacy is more important than ever, Chris is eager to help new clients, whether they are embarking on their financial journey for the first time or nearing retirement.

“When my clients turn 70, I ask them, ‘If you could go back and give yourself some advice, what would you tell your younger self?’” he said. “Typically, these are my top three responses: ‘I would have started sooner, I would have saved more, or I would have taken more risk as it was never as bad as I thought.’”

Chris’ call to action is to recognize the value of time and the importance of starting early when it comes to financial planning.

To get in touch and start a conversation, prospective clients can book a meeting, call 512-686-7398 or email [email protected]. Interested in learning more about Kingsview Partners? Visit the website at

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